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Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall
Domes and Paintings

Prof. Galileo Chini


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      On the interior of the domes are paintings depicting the history of the Chakri Dynasty, from the first to the sixth reign. These paintings by Mr. C. Rigoli and Prof. G. Chini are as follows :


Beginning from the vaulted ceiling to the north of the main Throne Hall, we can see a grand painting representing King Rama I, or Phrabhudhayodfachulalok, at the time he was still holding the position of General Chakri, or Simdej Chao Phraya Maha Kasatsuk ; on his return from battle the entire army and officials of the state offered him the Throne so he could rule the land which was in turmoil.


To the south of the eastern dome is depicted King Rama II making a tour of the city seated on his Royal Palanquin, behind which are scenes of the construction of Phra Prang of pagoda at the Temple of Dawn which the King enlarged so that it would glority the city.


Last, to the north of the eastern dome is seen King Rama III also on a tour of the city seated on his Royal Palanquin. The background depicts the Padej Dasakorn Fort, the pagadas at Prajetupon Temple and the Rajmontian Palace at the Grand Palace, all of which the King constructed and repaired for official affaires during his reign.


The ceiling of the dome to the west portrays King Rama IV seated in front of Phra Buddha Jinasi image. To his left and right we can see an assembly consisting of ecclesiastics of religion and the declaration of religious liberty in Thailand.


The ceiling to the south of the main Throne Hall show the familiar sight of King Chulalongkorn, or Rama V the Great liberating the slaves and abolishing slavery completely from the Kingdom.


The dome ceiling to the east of the main Throne Hall depicts King Rama VI as his Coronation in the year 1911 sitting on the Busabok Mala Throne Hall at the balcony of the Dusit Maha Prasart Throne Hall.